Talking Tom Arm Surgery

Talking cat Tom wanted to climb on the balcony to Angela to see her. This attempt was unsuccessful. Tom was not careful and fell into the trash. He hurt his hand and now suffers from terrible pain and needs your help. Heal Tom’s wounds: give him a pain pill and take x-rays to repair his broken bones. Control with the mouse.

Talking Tom Arm Surgery Game for KidsPlay game here

The Talking Tom Cat games belongs to a huge series of entertainment of the repetition, but it was the first and remains favorite with avid gamers. It was originally invented for download, and is now available for use on a computer. Since the advent of funny fluffy, fans have managed to download this entertaining app on iOS gadgets, as well as Android phones and tablets.

It is noteworthy that special incidents in the Talking Tom games on does not occur, and even a crumb can play. You get a virtual cat, which will be a funny little voice to repeat any phrases. Pet needs to drink milk, iron and entertain, so that he does not miss.

Developed variations on the theme of this fun, where there will be the most different and unusual animals, mechanical robots and strange bacteria.

Cool Angry Birds Protect Home Game

Bad Piggies have long prepared to attack the house of evil birds, and now they deal a decisive blow. Protect the house of Angry Birds. Fire the flying pigs until they have landed and built a pyramid directly to the house of evil birds.

Angry Birds Protect Home

Play Angry Birds Protect Home Game

Angry Bird Head

Angry Birds will acquaint you with his brothers angry birds heads. Angry birds attacking the structure of bad pigs. Ready for slaughter? Then infect the catapult with an evil bird and start firing.

Angry Bird Shooter

Angry Birds represent an attack mutants who burst into their lands. Opponents waiting for air battle. Evil birds have at their disposal a catapult to destroy enemies. Breaking the defenses of opponents will not be very easy, you need to break their echelon units.

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